Sunshower – Watermelon Lemonade Soft Chews – 5×4.6g


Species : HYBRID
Brand : Sunshower
THC : 2 mg/unit
CBD : 0 mg/unit
Terpene :

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Sunshower soft chews are made from natural fruit products sourced from all over Canada. A bouncy soft chew with a tender bite, Sunshower combines real fruits and natural flavours with the finest Cannabis distillate to create delicious, one-of-a-kind edibles. Sunshower Watermelon Lemonade soft chews combine juicy, ripe red watermelon flavour and a bright kick of lemony citrus notes. Made with the natural flavours of an Alberta Crimson Sweet watermelon, these soft chews are packed with the refreshing notes of a tart, cold glass of watermelon lemonade on a hot summer day.

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