Kolab Project – THCA Diamonds Black Cherry Punch – 1g


Species : INDICA
Brand : Kolab Project
THC : 78.3 %
CBD : 0 %
Terpene :

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The process of creativity and experimentation are strongly rooted in Kolab and best expressed in the launch of Kolab Ice Cream Cake THCA Diamonds. Understanding that the quality of extract output is a reflection of the input, this extract originated from the Kolab x Safari Flower Co. Ice Cream Cake single strain and premium flower. This flower is grown in small-batch rooms to preserve the distinct character of every plant. After the hydrocarbon extraction processing, these diamonds are separated from their sauce to deliver potent pure vibrant yellow crystalline structures. To best preserve Kolab ICC THCA Diamonds and be mindful of the environment, the product is packaged in an air tight, light proof recyclable glass jar and biodegradable carton. This exceptional product is best experienced dabbed or with a concentrate vape unit.

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