Solei-Gather Fruity Splash 510 Thread Cartridge-0.5g


Species : SATIVA
Brand : Solei
THC : 67.33 %
CBD : 9.08 %
Terpene :

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Find your Moment with Solei Gather. Gather Cartridges have an invigorating fruit medley flavour with hints of berry and watermelon, and virtually no cannabis after-taste or smell. Although containing high levels of THC, Gather Cartridges also contain some CBD which should help create a balanced and approachable experience. Solei Gather Cartridges are made with only high-quality, plant-based materials. Distillate cannabis oil extracted from Solei’s sun-grown cannabis is paired with natural plant-derived terpenes to deliver a smooth, pleasant taste, with no additional ingredients. Solei Cartridges allow for a discreet, convenient, controllable cannabis experience at a great value.

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