Pure Sunfarms-Headband-3.5g


Species : HYBRID
Brand : Pure Sunfarms
THC : 18.5 %
CBD : 0 %
Terpene : Beta-Myrcene

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Born in California, but raised in BC, Pure Sunfarms’ Headband is a sought-after hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It became popular in Ontario before finding a home in BC’s temperate climate. Grown in a high-tech greenhouse in the Fraser Valley, each bud is carefully trimmed and hand-groomed, dried and cured to precise standards. The dense, elegantly contoured flowers exhibit a range of green colours under a coat of sticky trichomes. Headband offers flavours and scents of sweet and savoury spices including allspice and nutmeg (caryophyllene), lavender (linalool), lemon and coriander seeds (humulene). The combination of these terpenes results in its signature ‘gassy’ smell.

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